Our Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission

We strive to provide optimal health care using a comprehensive and personalized approach.

Our Philosophy

  • We treat the person, not the disease                               

Chinese medicine lays great emphasis on the coexistence of body and mind and their influence on each other. Many diseases are caused or affected by our state of mind. Emotional stress disturbs the flow of qi causing dysfunctions in our body. If untreated or mistreated, the problem will progressively lead to structural damages. Unlike allopathic medicine that tries to mend only the failing body parts, our treatments treat the whole person, aiming to restore balance in both the physical, mental and emotional aspects.

  • We help you heal yourself

We believe that the best primary care is self-care. Therefore, in conjunction to providing the necessary treatments, we teach every patient how to promote self-healing and prevent diseases through proper breathing, posture, gait, exercises, relaxation, nutrition, self-massage and other means. We encourage a strong doctor-patient partnership.

  • Simple is better

We believe that the best medical intervention should be the least invasive, least harmful and has the highest efficacy. Zhu’s Scalp Acupuncture is our treatment of choice.