Acupuncture completely replaced medicine for seizures

Dear Dr. Zhu,

We came so far in search for Zhu’s Scalp Acupuncture, having spent three weeks and received the treatment, completely replaced the long term reliance on western medicine for seizures. This is a shocking experience in my life, and it is a testimony of my faith in God. It is a turning point for my entire family.

I will continue to pray for health for my daughter, her brain functionality and restoration of her normal growth. I thank God for granting me the faith, determination and courage to discard the 300 mg daily medication for seizure. What a miracle.

I especially thank God for the gift to Dr. Zhu, who brought healing to my daughter and many others.

Special thanks to Dr. Zhu and everyone in the clinic who helped my daughter during a seizure on 4/9/2008. Everyone helped with all their hearts and efforts to control the seizure. You are truly the modern Miracle Doctor. Blessings from our family to you.

Mr. and Mrs. Ku

Mercer Island, WA


這 次遠行來此三星期尋求朱醫生的頭皮針, 完成治療與代替了6年長期服用的癲癇的西藥. 此行是我人生中震憾的体驗. 也是我對神的信心的見証. 對我們全家是人生的轉戾点. 我會繼續祈禱告保守女兒的健康, 腦的機能, 發育恢復正常. 我感謝上帝賜我信心, 堅定, 壯膽把300mg/ day 癲癇西藥完全拿掉, 真是神蹟.

我 更感謝神給朱醫師特別的恩賜, 頭皮針為我女兒, 與眾人完完全全的服侍, 醫治. 再次萬份感激在4/9/08女兒因感冒癲癇發作. 朱醫師與診所每一位盡心. 盡力, 全力以赴搶救, 抑制每一次的癲癇, 您真是現代的神醫. 我們全家全心祝福您的身体安康, 富貴在身, 神祝福朱氏頭皮針威名發揚光大.

葛守培. 葛承啟. 王宣婷敬上