Dr. Zhu, the incredible healer prevented full paralysis and surgical intervention

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Dr. Zhu is perhaps one of the few true geniuses I will meet in my lifetime.  He is a true magician and incredible healer of all things neurological, and all just with his needles.  He literally wrote the book on Scalp Acupuncture, and is super famous in China.  But for some reason, few know of his work here in the US.

Let's just say that I was a major skeptic.  I have a graduate degree from the London School of Economics, my Dad's a doc, and I've been a big believer in Western Medicine most of my life.   When the head of the spine center at UCSF recommended me for surgery, I went to Dr. Zhu simply to prepare for the surgery and help with recovery time.  I was in incredible pain, so figured it couldn't hurt.

When I told Zhu about my coming surgery, he looked me in the eye and said with utter confidence  "Needles first."

"But I'm at risk of full paralysis if I don't get surgery" I retorted.  "The head of the UC San Francisco Spine Center told me so"

"Surgery very risky…needles first" was his sage reply.

Okay, I thought, whatever.  Just ignore him.  His English isn't so good, he's from Shanghai, he is an old guy with a wandering eye.  So I just kind of wrote him off. I was going under the knife in 2 weeks regardless, and just wanted some way to improve my recovery time.  So I kept my mouth shut and just let him work on me.

Like magic, he stuck needles in my head and my pain began to evaporate from my body.  At the end of the first session, I could move with far less pain.  After two weeks and six sessions, I was 90% back to normal posture and mobility, and with little pain.  It was nothing less than a miracle!!

I went back to the head of the Spine Center at UCSF days before my surgery.  He did a series of manual tests on me, with a confused look on his face and a scrambling second look at his notes from my last visit.  I paraphrase to the best of my memory:

"You are not testing positive for paralysis.  I don't understand." the neurosurgeon said.

"Oh, that's because I got scalp acupuncture from this guy Dr. Zhu in San Jose and he fixed me with needles". I replied.

"I run $20 million + studies on the spine and know all the literature.  There is no study that corroborates the assertion that acupuncture can help with this type of issue." he claimed.  "However, for some reason you are not testing positive for paralysis.  I cannot recommend you for surgery.  Come back later if the symptoms reappear."

I left the UC San Francisco with a smile on my face, knowing Dr. Zhu had out gunned one of the top neurosurgeons in the country.

I went to Dr. Zhu once a month for a few more months of needles, then I was done.  97% back to normal.  No surgery required.

Since then, I've recommended Dr. Zhu to dozens of friends with some fantastic results.  The key is go at least 6 times.  It's relatively cheap and it'll be worth every minute.

Check out his website at http://www.scalpacupuncture.org and get in there right away.  He works best with neurological issues as close to onset as possible, so don't delay!!

Best of luck…

Hitch M..

San Francisco, CA