Epileptic girl free of seizure episodes for years now

Our daughter Renee Choy is a healthy and happy girl, just like any other six-year-old. When she was four month old, she experienced a series of seizures. It was suspected that she might have neurofibromatosis, in addition to symptomatic focal epilepsy with secondary generalization due to the presence of right posterior quadrant area of dysplasia. Her neurologist at the time prescribed Phenobarbital, an anticonvulsant barbiturate, to prevent the epilepsy. We were urged to keep her on the medication to prevent seizures that might hinder her long-term health. We were informed that if Renee stayed on the medication and did not experience another seizure by the age of three, an age where the brain is almost fully developed she would not suffer from them in her future years. However, we learned that putting Renee on Phenobarbital at such a young age would possibly hinder her brain development. Hoping to find an alternative to keeping on medication, we sought to find a possible cure in Chinese medicine. We found Dr. Ming Qing Zhu, a neuro-acupuncturist, who put Renee (who was about four and a half months at the time) on scalp acupuncture therapy, twice a week from the age of four months until the age of three. In that time, she did not experience another seizure and long-term ailment. Renee is now six, free of seizures, with a fully normal and healthy brain development. She is in first grade now, and her teachers have commended her for being smart for her age. Renee is a fun-loving child with many friends, playful and healthy as ever.


Desiree Choy