Herniated disc and sciatica patient back to happy life and normal activities

I have a herniated disc and suffered from back and sciatic pain for over a year and it was making me miserable. I had tried Doctor’s, Chiropractors, Physio’s and none of it worked – my sciatic pain was unbearable. My neurosurgeon told me that the only cure for my pain is the surgery. However after extensive research I found a good percentage of people still suffer even after surgery. Then I was referred to Dr. Zhu for scalp acupuncture. At first I was skeptical about any traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. However I was so desperate and wanted to give it a try.

I made an appointment and from the moment I stepped in to clinic I knew I had made the right decision. Dr. Zhu welcomed me in and explained which points he would be stimulating on my head and my back and how relaxing it would feel. He was right. Working on special points on my head and lower back and leg I felt a deep sense of peace as the muscles in my body relaxed and melted away stress and pain I was feeling. After a few sessions I noticed the pain in my leg reduced and I could walk better. Over the next few sessions Dr. Zhu continued to improve not only my leg and lower back but my energy levels and sense of well being. It was truly amazing. I’m now back to my happy life and normal daily activities. All in all, I would highly recommend Dr. Zhu to anyone interested in saying “no” to surgery and using an alternative form of medicine to treat back pain and sciatica. I definitely found it more effective!

Yun Bao, Ph.D.
Fremont, CA
(as posted on Yelp)