Incredible healing progress from shoulder injury

I am very pleased with the services I received from Dr. Zhu and Moyee Siu for my injured shoulder. They were very gentle and always reassured me that they have a “zero tolerance” for pain. Having two people assess and treat my shoulder was amazing. I never felt rushed or that time constraints hurried the doctor. He seemed to take care of me for as long as I needed it, compared to other doctors in the past that were constantly checking their watch or hurrying up the appointment to get to the next person.

All of the staff is friendly and professional. The office has a relaxing atmosphere and messages throughout the office on small posters promotes kindness and helping others!

The best part of my visits with Dr. Zhu was that I made incredible progress in healing. What took about a year of therapy five years ago with the same injury, took two visits with Dr. Zhu and Moyee. I am pleasantly amazed and will return for any other service that may arise in my future!

Candida Stricklen
Santa Cruz