Multiple post-surgery pains gone after 10 treatments

I am a kidney failure patient. After 5-year waiting during Dialysis, recently received the Kidney Transplant Surgery. The surgery is successful; but, post surgery side effects gave me a lot of pains. But I got a new kidney.

6 weeks ago, I found so much pains suddenly hit me in my Neck, Shoulders, and my Back. My Neck was so weak that I was unable to support weight of my own Head. I had to walk, or stand with my Head Lower to my chest.

My relative introduced me to see Dr. Zhu. He uses scalp acupuncture to put needles in my scalp (which does not go into my brain). I saw Dr. Zhu a total of 10 times, and after 5 weeks, all those pains are gone, and I can stand and walk straight with my Head up again. I started my Tai-Chi practice and my Biking. Thanks to Dr. Zhu.


John Liu, 62 yr. old