Multiple Sclerosis patient highly recommends scalp acupuncture

I have been a patient of Dr. Zhu and Dr. Moyee for about 4 years. I have seen miracles happen in their office. They have had patients who are wheelchair bound and after several sessions with Dr Zhu and his associates, the patients are able to stand on their own and in some cases have started to be able to walk again.

I have multiple sclerosis so I come here to get my nerves to work better. I prefer to not know the science behind acupuncture because I don’t want to overanalyze the process. I just know that if I am ever having an exacerbation, all I have to do is come to their office and the symptoms will start to clear up. I think one of the more amazing fixes was the last time I had optic neuritis. They got the grey spot to clear up much faster than the first time I had O.N. I was amazed by how little disability I was left with. They got the optic nerve to clear up much better than I expected it to.

I routinely have background noise- goofy vision, fatigue, trouble walking, and trouble urinating. After a session, the background noise diminishes. I like to say that they keep me walking, seeing, and peeing. Dr. Zhu and Moyee are very knowledgable and kind. They intentionally make sure the pins do NOT cause pain. In fact, Dr. Zhu is the person who developed this particular scalp acupuncture technique so if you get treated by him, you are truly being helped by an expert.

I highly recommend them to anybody I meet who has neurolgical challenges. Whether your illness is MS, ALS, or a stroke you should consider coming to their clinic to see if they can use pins to train your body to use its nervous pathways in a more productive manner. Maybe I’ll run into you here- I try to come at least 2x a month, more often when my schedule permits.

Melissa Getz
(as posted in Yahoo)