Neuro-Acupuncture is magic!

cheekycheekycheekycheekycheeky 5-stars review from Yelp

After 14 times (in 3 weeks) treatment by Dr. Moyee, my bell's palsy is gone and now fully recovered.  Dr. Moyee is very nice and patient, she is really care about your health, I am very appreciated for her treatment. 

I went to Zhu's Neuro-acupuncture centre at the 3rd day of bell's palsy, at that time I am very anxious as my one eye can not close but tears, I can not smile and even I have some problem when eating; during the 1st week treatment, my eye geting better and better, no obvious improvement of my mouth, but it did not geting worse; at the 2nd week treatment, my eye was almost recovered, and I was pleased to see big improvement of my mouth; I feel 75% back at the end of 2nd week, and it is even faster at the 3rd week, I am fully recovered at the end, the smile is just the same as before.

I would like to say thank you, Dr. Moyee and Dr. Zhu, I feel so lucky to meet you both!

Sammy S
Santa Clara, CA