Pain relief, increased mobility and improved posture

Dr. Siu and Dr. Zhu both treated me. They gave me extra time because I could only come once due to financial considerations and being unable to drive due to my post-operative lack of functioning. After my treatment, the person who drove me to the appointment from out of town was so impressed by my improved mobility and posture that she spontaneously offered to bring me to another appointment!

I came in with only being able to turn my head slightly and raise my arm a little without extreme nerve pain in my hands and arms. I had just had a discectomy, laminectomy with a titanium plate and removal of a bone spur. The treatment Dr. Siu and Dr. Zhu gave me increased my mobility immediately as they had me more during the treatment. For the first time since the surgery, my shoulders were able to relax. The doctors gave me exercises and medicine. I am very impressed with Dr. Siu and Dr. Zhu and I have been to numerous acupuncturists in the past.


Krys Call
Santa Cruz