Patient from Japan found scalp acupuncture an excellent treatment for SCI

My daughter has spinal cord injury by traffic accident. Zhu’s excellent scalp acupuncture is very famous in Japan. So in April I took her to Zhu’s Neuro Acupuncture Center from Japan in order to ask Prof. Ming Qing Zhu to treat her.

A special feature of his treatment is scalp acupuncture with 6 hours of physical exercise. During the 10 days of treatment, he, such famous professor himself, assisted in the exercises and continued to encourage her to try more. I was deeply impressed by his eagerness. And Dr. Moyee and other staff were also very eager to cooperate to treat her. Of course, his scalp acupuncture is exellent. I’d like to express many thanks for his eager treatment. Because it already passed more than one year after her injury, at least one and half year’s continuous exercise and treatment is neccesary. After returning back to Japan, my daughter is continuously executing exercise of Zhu’s way which was learned from him. I’d like to keep contact with Prof.Zhu for his valuable guidance.


Koichi Ito