Patient from Switzerland with pain from abdominal surgery

—–Original Message—–
From: Hanspeter Wagner
Sent: Friday, May 12, 2000 4:59 PM
To: Dr. Zhu
Subject: A Big Thank You

Dear Prof. Ming Qing Zhu,
On the 18th of April you have examined and treated my wife Victoria Wagner in Dr. Fritschi’s consulting room in Pfeffingen, Switzerland. You may remember that she has had continuous problems and pains because of an operation of the abdomen since more than a year ago. Before we have had the chance to ask you for help, we had visited many doctors and specialists, and none of them was able to find the right treatment.


My wife has a lot of hope in your advice and treatment. As a matter of fact you have been her last hope!


And now we are more than happy, that we can tell you, that since this 18th of April she is making enormous and constant progress. It will still take some time until the problem will completely disappear, but the feeling of constant progress after every weekly treatment by Dr. Fritschi and the improved quality of life helps her to be patient.


In both our names we would like to sincerely thank you for what you have done for my wife. We are more than thankful that we have had the chance to meet you!

We both wish you and your family all the best and hope to meet you again during one of your next visits in Switzerland in order to tell you personally how happy we are.

Sincerely yours,
Victoria and Hans Peter Wagner