Patient with abdominal pain for 3 years felt better after 3 days of treatment

Dear Dr. Zhu and Dr. Moyee,

My name is Betty Jo Cox; I live in Las Vegas NV. I am 84 years old. Three years ago my bladder started leaking whenever I coughed, laughed, sneezed or any type of movement I would leak urine. The doctor I was referred to did a lift of my bladder. It did stop my leaking but within a week every time I tried to eat or drink anything my stomach would swell and I would get severe pain in my upper and lower abdomen.
I went back to the doctor who did the surgery. He assured me that nothing was wrong and sent me to a gastroenterologist, who performed several tests including endoscopy and colonoscopy twice over an 18-months period, plus many other types of tests: MRI, brain scan, and had me do physical therapy. All tests came back negative and showed nothing wrong. They did not know what was causing my symptoms and just kept giving me pain pills. They told me to try different diets and suggested I try another doctor who wanted to perform the same tests again.

My son Frank in Colorado has been going to one of Dr. Zhu’s associates, who insisted that I travel to San Jose to see Dr. Zhu. When I first arrived in San Jose, my daughter and I checked into the hotel. I could not walk from the front desk to the hotel elevators. I had to stop twice because I was so weak.

Let me say that after 3 days of treatment I am feeling better today than I ever have in 3 years. I am able to eat, drink and walk without pain. I can now enjoy eating. We went to my favorite restaurant last night and I really enjoyed my food knowing that I was not going to be in pain, and there was very little swelling in my stomach.

I feel that if I had not come to see Dr. Zhu and his incredible associates that I would have died by summer. Now I feel like this summer I will be able to enjoy life as it should be enjoyed in retirement.

I and my family cannot thank Dr. Zhu and everyone in his office enough for what they have given me back with just the first 3 treatments.


Betty Jo Cox
Las Vegas NV