Specialized Scalp Needles (All the needles are currently out of stock)

  • Sterilized, single-use
  • 10 needles per dispenser for easy access
  • High quality stainless steel and tip ensure smooth insertion
  • Proper tensile strength provides the flexibility needed for easy manipulation and retention
  • No silicone coating
  • ISO 9001, ISO 13488 and CE 0123 certified
  • Box of 100 needles

Gauge 36 Length 0.8 in (Metric 0.20 X 20 mm) 

This small-size needle is suitable for use on the sides and back of the head.





Gauge 34 Length 1.2 in (Metric 0.22 X 30 mm)

This longer and slightly thicker needle is suitable for use on the top of the head.






needle3Gauge 36 Length 1.2 in (Metric 0.20 X 30 mm) 

This longer and slightly thinner needle is suitable for sensitive patients.