Scalp acupuncture: a special healing treatment for pain and numbness

My name is Lupita McClanahan. I am a Diné, Native American Indian. People refer to us as “Navajos” but we called ourselves Diné.

My most valuable friend, Chris Madson from Half Moon Bay, is my true dear friend who made this Scalp Acupuncture treatment happen. I wish her “beauty and happiness” as she lives her journey here on Mother Earth.

I live with my health problems for many years. I didn’t share it with anyone, not even my family for a long time. Last year I shared the problems with Chris and since then I guess she has searched the world to find help for me. That is how she found Zhu’s Scalp Acupuncture in San Jose.

The right side of my body has been numb and painful. It was hot and tingling all the time. One day around 1986 it started tingling on my right big toe first and gradually over the years went all the way up to my head. So, for many years I lived with that and some nights I couldn’t sleep. I went to western medicine, MRI, EEG, etc… and they didn’t see a problem. Finally, western doctors only gave me Nortriptylene and Amtriptylene medicine.

Now, I’ve been getting scalp acupuncture for two weeks at Dr. Zhu’s clinic. Dr. Zhu and Dr. Moyee’s treatments have been very helpful to me. I don’t take the western medication anymore and my body is almost normal. There is no more heat in my right body – it is a little bit warm. There is very little tingling and no more pain. My right body has healed a lot after my acupuncture. Both sides of my body almost feel the same again. They taught me to do some energy flow exercise too. They taught me how to inhale and exhale slowly, that really calms me down.

I’m very grateful for my friend, Chris Madison, for introducing me to Dr. Zhu and Dr. Moyee. I will always remember my special healing treatment.

Zhu’s Scalp Acupuncture is a good medicine. Keep it alive!

Walk In Beauty. Ha’goonéé = til we cross paths again.

Thank you,

Lupita McClanahan
Canyon De Chelly, Arizona