Why Our Services Are Unique

At Zhu's Neuro-Acupuncture Center we strive to provide our clients optimal health care using a comprehensive and personalized approach.

Our primary treatment modality, Zhu's Scalp Acupuncture, is developed by Professor Ming Qing Zhu, L.Ac. based on his 50 years of extensive clinical experience. Our therapy is integrated with Daoyin*, herbal medicine, massage, cupping and moxibustion to produce the best therapeutic results. We raise the patients' awareness of self-healing power, and teach them self care through breathing, relaxation, meditation, physical exercises, rest and nutrition.

Our expertise lies in the following areas:

Neurological disorders: acute or chronic paralysis, motor or sensory impairments, muscle atrophies.
Pain: acute or chronic pain due to musculoskeletal, or neurological, or organic, or psychological origin.
Rare and difficult conditions: idiopathic or undiagnosed condition or one that has not responded to any treatment.
Complementary urgent care: emergencies where acupuncture intervention may play a life supporting role, protects the body from further damages and boosts its self-healing process.