This place is nothing short of Remarkable….

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This place is nothing short of remarkable…That gave me one of the greatest gifts ever… Quality of Life. The 24/7 chronic pain that had taken over my life is gone. The handful of pain and sleep meds are gone…I feel like a completely new person … My issues came from Fibromyalgia and a Brain Injury I sustained over 20 yrs ago… That left me with a headache that never went away …Nerve Pain that took over the left side of my body from my face to toes… And a loss of balance caused by my brain surgery. Had been to many acupuncturists, with no improvement… Tried everything you could possibly imagine! Reached an all time low March of 2012…did an online search and saw Neuro-Acupuncture… Read all the testimonials and felt great hope that just maybe… This was going to be an answer to my prayers… Went diligently for 11 months, did everything my wonderful Dr. Moyee instructed me to do… Today I have no pain, no headache, sleep great, not a slave to drugs or my pain… And Living a Wonderful and Blessed Life… Trust me… It will be  one of the Best Decisions you'll ever make….

Cathy Woodmansee