Course Descriptions

Module 1: Basics of Zhu's Scalp Acupuncture

  • History of Scalp Acupuncture
  • Zhu's treatment zones: locations, functions and indications
  • Procedure and techniques
  • Precautions and contraindications
  • Basic applications
  • Demonstrations and hands-on practice

Module 2: ZSA For Internal Organic Diseases and Psychiatric Disorders

This module focuses on the pathophysiology of the internal organs and the interrelationships of Zangfu with various bodily systems. Also, according to Chinese medicine, psychiatric disorders, cognitive impairments as well as problems of the five senses and the skin are associated with Zangfu. In this module, you will learn how to use Zhu's Scalp Acupuncture to treat:

  • internal diseases;
  • depression, mania, anxiety, panic attacks, schizophrenia, mental retardation, memory degradation, dementia, psychosomatic disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, autism, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, alcohol and chemical dependence;
  • diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose, Mouth and Skin, including: Vertigo, Meniere's disease, macular degeneration, optical neuritis, glaucoma, rhinitis, tinnitis, herpes zoster, eczema, psoriasis, etc.

Module 3: ZSA for Pain, Sensory and Motor Disorders; Introduction to Acupuncture Anesthesia

You will learn the differential diagnosis as well as the effective management of pain and sensory disorders, anywhere in the body from head to toes. This module will explain the analgesic effects of acupuncture and the history and operation of acupuncture anesthesia. 

Our movements are affected by the central nervous system, peripheral nerves, bones and muscles. You will learn how to identify the causative factors of any movement disorder and how to restore motor functions to normal.

Module 4: ZSA For Neurological Disorders and Emergency Conditions

This module discusses the treatment of common neurological diseases. In addition, you will learn how to diagnose and assess an acute medical situation, and how to provide urgent care using Zhu's Scalp Acupuncture and other means. Emergencies are acute, life-threatening situations that may happen anywhere, on a street, in a vehicle, on a plane, in a restaurant or inside your clinic. Appropriate management, while calling 911 and waiting for the paramedics to arrive, can make a difference of life and death. 

Module 5: ZSA for Stroke and Spinal Cord Injuries

Zhu's Scalp Acupuncture is well known for its incredible effectiveness in treating stroke. This module will cover the entire course of a stroke, from its onset through the acute, recovery and rehabilitation phases. You will learn

  • how to identify different types of stroke
  • how to localize the lesion of a stroke
  • how to treat an acute stroke patient
  • how to treat a chronic stroke patient
  • how to help a stroke patient regain functions

Spinal cord injury requires multi-disciplinary therapies. In the second half of this module, you will learn how to integrate Zhu's Scalp Acupuncture and Chinese medicine to the treatment program for SCI and obtain significant improvements.