1. I am a student in a TCM school. Can I enroll in Module 1 or the Certification Program?
    No. Please enroll only after you obtain an acupuncture license. 
  2. Can I take one or two modules and not the whole Certification Program?
    You can take Module 1 (the Basics) to see if you are really interested. If you want to learn more, you must enroll in the whole Certification Program.
  3. Why do I have to do the whole program if I am interested in only part of it?
    We want our graduates to become skillful and versatile doctors of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Our training aims for quality, not quantity; superior quality, not mediocrity.
  4. I took Module 1 before. Do I have to take it again to get into the Certification Program?
    No, you do not need to. However, if you have forgotten what is taught in Module 1, or you have not put it into practice at all, then you are required to retake it. For verification purpose, please tell us when you last took Module 1. 
  5. Am I automatically enrolled in the program once I submit the application?
    No, we will select the best candidates. We may conduct an interview and a short test on module 1. You will receive a letter of acceptance or rejection.
  6. I cannot attend certain modules due to time conflicts. Will those modules be offered again?
    We do not guarantee that the modules be offered again and there is no refund once you start the program (by logging in any webinar or showing up at any workshop). 
  7. Can I pay by installments?
    As soon as you receive our letter of acceptance, you can start making multiple payments in arbitrary amounts but the entire fee must be paid in full before you log in the first webinar or attend the first workshop in July 2013. 

  8. I am a past student who only did part of the program. What do I need to do to complete my certification?
    We encourage you to resume your program if you are still qualified. Please contact us directly.