Students Feedback

"Dear Doje,

I can't imagine a gift for you that would come close to what you have given me. I honor you in helping sick people to become well, because I know that is first in your heart. I hold you in the same regard as Sun Si Miao and Hua Tuo, not only for your superior skills, but for the caring and love that is so obvious with your patients."
Danny Quaranto, L.Ac. Florida
China Internship, March 2007
"What a gift to study with Dr. Zhu, he is amazing! My world completely opened up to new ways of thinking and developing AOM. I hope that as the DAOM program evolves, every weekend will provide this level of academic rigour, professionalism and innovation. Not only the material and the system he taught were terrific, but his ability and willingness to really think about the human being as an integrated system was mind blowing. Dr. Zhu is an example of true integrative medicine and an inspiration on how to develop new models. He embraces classical AOM ideas with contemporary scientific knowledge about medicine. What a joy!"
OCOM doctoral student, 2006
"This was a double teaching. We got great methods and techniques, we got terrific biomedical synthesis and background on the conditions discussed and treated, and we were introduced to a very strong spiritual component necessary to the miraculous types of healing we saw last weekend. I feel great respect for this teacher: he exemplifies the dedicated healer who can be a role model for us, and he has not neglected the bookwork involved, as well as the long hours of practice to gain proficiency in this art. The translator/ interpretor was outstanding. Dr.'s lecture was precise and clear, and her version was very clear and easy to receive. Her intimacy with this technique and the neurological conditions made the transfer of information almost flawless."
OCOM doctoral student, 2005
"Wonderful class. I enjoyed the Chinese lecture because the translation was excellent and it allowed me to remember my Mandarin (what I know of it). The lectures were very well organized and the hands-on very informative. Would love to see him back."
OCOM doctoral student, 2005
"Watching him treat patients was the best part."
OCOM doctoral student, 2005
Scalp Acupuncture Works!  by Susan Kwan, L.Ac.
Arizona Society of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture Newsletter, Vol. 3 Issue 3 Date: March 1, 2005
Benefits of Scalp Acupuncture by Steve Solomon, L.Ac.
Journal of the Maryland Acupuncture Society, Vol. 16 Issue 1 Date: Spring 2005
"First of all I like to say that I was very impressed by the workshop of Zhu's Scalp Acupuncture. I'm very, very grateful to Prof. Ming Qing Zhu and Dr. Moyee Siu. For me, in all these years I'm studying TCM, Prof. Zhu was the first teacher who is combining all the things together. It's not only technique, but all the other things too as he mentioned. In the short mean time, I have started to use these basic techniques, and I'm impressed by the results. And I know that I'm still knowing just a little bit of the whole part."
Amsterdam student, 2005
"His methods (Zhu's Scalp Acupuncture) are for TCM therapists easy to learn and the patients experience quick results."
Amsterdam student, 2005
"I enjoyed especially the demonstrations and the practical goal of the seminar."
Amsterdam student, 2005