Treating surgical pain; the doctors are extremely knowledgeable

Dr. Siu and Dr. Zhu are definitely the real thing. I had a laminectomy and discectomy with a fusion and removal of a bone spur and bone tissue in the nerve foramen at the C-5-6 vertebral area. There was increased pain for 6 weeks after the surgery, and it was getting worse all the time. After one visit with doctors Zhu and Siu, I had about 80% increased mobility and after 4 days with the needles in my scalp, my pain was greatly decreased. After the second visit, I felt better than I had felt before the surgery, during some of the time, with even more mobility and increased strength. I had periods of no pain and great vitality. Now, after the third visit, I feel that due to their work, I am really recovering. These doctors are extremely knowledgeable, attentive, skilled and compassionate. They are obviously in it to help people regain health.

Feel free to call me on the phone for more information about my experiences of their methodology and approach to patient and healing. (831) 429-5763

Krys Call
Santa Cruz