ZSA Basics Class held on May 1 – 5, 2015

Professor Zhu left China in 1990 and immigrated to the United States. Twenty five years later, he felt an urge to share his clinical experience with fellow practitioners in China. So, in May 2015, Professor Zhu delivered a 5-days workshop in his hometown – Shanghai, and the fire started burning across the country…

Below are some clips of the class. You can click on a picture to get a bigger view. Please enjoy.

  • 01
    Prof. Zhu taught in Shanghai in May 2015, for the first time in 25 years.
  • 02
    More than 50 doctors young and old came from all parts of China.
  • 03
    A drawing is better than a thousand words.
  • 04
    “Focusing on the spirit (mind) is most essential.”
  • 05
    Our three instructors.
  • 06
    The best model for scalp needling.
  • 07
    Learning with intense concentration. (Click on picture to see complete view)
  • 08
    Good drawing.
  • 09
    There is so much FUN. (Click on picture to see complete view)
  • 10
    Students practicing on each other. (Click on picture to see complete view)
  • 11
    Communicating with a deaf and dumb patient – via the Heart.
  • 12
    Immediate results on a patient.
  • 13
    Treating a little boy who had a spinal cord injury.
  • 17
    Our three teaching assistants shared their learning experience.
  • 18
    Students sharing their feelings at the end of the class. (Click on picture to see complete view)
  • 19
    If there was a moment during the class that you felt tears in your eyes, please raise your hand.
  • 20
    Prof. Ding Li, our guest of honor at the graduation ceremony.
  • 21
    Prof. Zhu honored as clinic consultant for the Shanghai Natural Path Academy.
  • 22
    Dr. Moyee Siu accepted the appointment as a clinic consultant.
  • 24
    More than 70 attendees join the family of ZSA.
  • 25
    A round of applause for a great workshop. See you next time.


A Chinese post is available here: 2015年5月1-5日朱氏头皮针基础课程回顾 :